CONDUCTION is an informal think-tank – a small, global network of individuals with two interwoven themes:


  • core ‘traditional’ values in Conductive Education
  • relevant developments in and around Conductive Education worldwide, now and for the future, practical, academic and social.
  • a knowledge portal for families, students,, academics, professional workers, media and decision-makers, those wishing to explore the written record and draw better-informed conclusions of their own

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Daily Pető quotation

Checked and referenced quotations on and by András Pető

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Palotás said that Pető could not accept invitations from abroad as he felt that he would not have the strength to return to Budapest to the constant harassment from the authorities – even if he went only as far as the end of the suburban railway line, he would have to be manhandled back on to the last train. He had a task to perform and he had to finish it at all costs. - Róbert Szörényi


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