Following the present stage of the covid-19 pandemic, and pending what social and financial disruptions may follow, Conduction hereby gives notice that it is discontinuing the public information services that have been available on line and free of charge through the url Their content has of course been archived.

Also discontinued are Conduction's long-running, cost-free information and contacts services for individuals and institutions. In 2022 and beyond, those with questions about for example 'Conductive Education research', the location of services that self-define as 'conductive', and other such nuanced matters, can find answers elsewhere, through an uncountable host of online sites


Meanwhile Conduction will continue to curate its extensive archive of published and unpublished materials from in and around Conductive Eduction, in the sincere hope and expectation that they include verifiable knowledge of value to future fighters for the cause of Conductive Education, in whatever context.

CEP (Conductive Education Press) will continue to operate on line in its present form, selling its paper and electronics books at their current prices (i.e., noticeably cheaper in real terms now by the year):

Gillian Maguire,
Andrew Sutton.

Conduction is on the lookout for what, and who, may come next.