Using the catalogue

All items catalogued here concern Conductive Education in some way. Therefore, there is no need to use the term ‘Conductive Education’ when searching this catalogue as everything recorded here relates to this topic.

The catalogue is not case- or accent-sensitive. (for example, if you wish to search for ‘Pető’, as an author or in a title, you can just type ‘Peto’).

  • If you wish to see a complete listing of the contents of this catalogue, select this option.
  • The general arrangement is for items to be arranged by alphabetical order of their authors’ surnames.
  • Items with no apparent author are listed together at the beginning of the overall listing, arranged in alphabetical order of their titles.
  • Example 2 shows how this is done.
Example 2. Items with no apparent author

You may search the catalogue by title, author, keywords, publisher, year, or language, using the blue toolbar at the top of the page. If, for example, if you are searching for a specific author, just enter the author’s name in the box marked Author. Example 3 shows what you get if you enter Kinsman.

Example 3. Author’s name in author search box
  • If there is more than one author of an item, you can insert any one of them.
  • All items by an author chosen will be listed, including those written with others. For example, put Schenker in the box at top of the author column and you will get:
Example 4. Joint authored items also selected
  • If you are searching for items on a specific topic, you can enter a keyword such as Kuwait and this will bring up the article written about the school in Kuwait.

If you obtain a list of several items on your chosen subject, you may click on the magnifying glass icon by individual items to view the complete record of that item as in example 5:

Example 5. A complete catalogue record for a given item

You may search by keyword and a list of those can be found at the beginning of the catalogue, just click on view keywords in use and then cut and paste a term you wish to use and insert into the keyword box.

If you wish to make a compound search you can add further search terms to the blue tool bar. For example, start with Sutton as Author, and then insert training in the Keyword box to find articles that he has written about training.

Example 6. Result of compound search

If an article found is not freely available, then you will find information on how to access it.

The results of your search may be printed by right-hand clicking on the page and taking the print option.

To start a new search, clear all the boxes at the top of the columns and then insert a new term in one of the columns

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