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This catalogue includes all papers, documents, reviews, bibliographies books and other materials mentioning Conductive Education, identified on the Internet. Bibliographic details are included as far as is possible.

Also included in this catalogue, for convenience when searching, are the contents of the Virtual Library’s Document Depository.

Most of these online materials are in English, because that is the language of most of what is available on Conductive Education on the Internet.

The catalogue is presented in tabular form. Example 1 shows a few typical entries.

Example 1. Most entries are listed in alphabetical order of authors

As in many other library catalogues, each entry presents the following basic information to help readers search for materials relevant to their interests, arranged in columns:

  • the title of an item
  • its author or authors (not always available)
  • the year in which it was published (when not known: ‘no date’)
  • keywords (to indicate its significant topics)
  • the language in which it is written
  • media type e.g. journal article, book, website document, PowerPoint presentation

The final column shows a small magnifying glass. Click on this to be taken to the item’s own URL (Internet address).

Further information on how to search can be found on our Help page.

Most items are open-access (i.e. free and open to read on line) but some require payment to view, or membership of an organisation or registration to view or download. Academic (learned) journals, you will find, often provide open access to a brief summary or abstract of a given article but then you have to pay to read the article in full.

Content of items

Items have not been evaluated for quality. That is a job for readers, not the role of a library. Inclusion in this catalogue indicates solely their existence on the Internet.

Sometimes links or items are removed from the Internet. Whilst every effort will be made to check for such deletions, some may be missed. If you find that a link is no longer live, do please let me know and I shall remove them from the list.

Similarly, if you know of materials on Conductive Education that are not included here, please let me know and I shall enter them into this Library.

For any questions, suggestions or information about items not included, please contact me at:

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